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Website Production and Promotion

Note That recent successes have caused most of Poly Designs work to be halted. If you don't have an existing relationship with us, we're not ready to start one. Sorry.

Poly Designs specializes in making successful websites. Success is defined and determined by our clients.

Some possible definitions of success are:

- being recognized
- more phone calls
- increased sales
- gathering survey data
- product branding
- increased business leads
- requests for information
- support of existing advertising and promotion
- customer service
- increased store (brick 'n mortar) traffic
- increased qualified business traffic
- provide latest information about: new products, sales, services, events, or promotions

Since 1995 we've been creating websites and web applications to satisfy our clients.

Examples of work we have produced include these web based tools:

- a corporate vacation scheduling application
- product test detail and management summary application
- task tracking and management
- shopping carts
- forms whose data is emailed to the business
- dynamic page generation
- database interaction sites
- quote of the day tool
- calendar applications

Clients of Poly Designs do not have to speak geek!

A website is an essential tool for small businesses - we help further your success

If you have a business, we can create an effective website for you - on your terms.

We Make Websites Successful

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