The 216 Browser-Safe Colors

The 216 Browser-Safe Colors

These colors will not dither on any known web browser since the beginning of the web. Intermediate colors can be constructed by creating a .gif image that alternates colors in a 2x2 (or 4x4) block--for instance, if you want a lighter color than one available here, create a .gif with white blocks alternating with the color that is too dark for you. Make sure to test your results because sometimes what you end up with doesn't display well (leaves a grid or lines).

You may also be interested in the web's named colors.

  000000   000033   000066   000099   0000cc   0000ff
  003300   003333   003366   003399   0033cc   0033ff
  006600   006633   006666   006699   0066cc   0066ff
  009900   009933   009966   009999   0099cc   0099ff
  00cc00   00cc33   00cc66   00cc99   00cccc   00ccff
  00ff00   00ff33   00ff66   00ff99   00ffcc   00ffff
  330000   330033   330066   330099   3300cc   3300ff
  333300   333333   333366   333399   3333cc   3333ff
  336600   336633   336666   336699   3366cc   3366ff
  339900   339933   339966   339999   3399cc   3399ff
  33cc00   33cc33   33cc66   33cc99   33cccc   33ccff
  33ff00   33ff33   33ff66   33ff99   33ffcc   33ffff
  660000   660033   660066   660099   6600cc   6600ff
  663300   663333   663366   663399   6633cc   6633ff
  666600   666633   666666   666699   6666cc   6666ff
  669900   669933   669966   669999   6699cc   6699ff
  66cc00   66cc33   66cc66   66cc99   66cccc   66ccff
  66ff00   66ff33   66ff66   66ff99   66ffcc   66ffff
  990000   990033   990066   990099   9900cc   9900ff
  993300   993333   993366   993399   9933cc   9933ff
  996600   996633   996666   996699   9966cc   9966ff
  999900   999933   999966   999999   9999cc   9999ff
  99cc00   99cc33   99cc66   99cc99   99cccc   99ccff
  99ff00   99ff33   99ff66   99ff99   99ffcc   99ffff
  cc0000   cc0033   cc0066   cc0099   cc00cc   cc00ff
  cc3300   cc3333   cc3366   cc3399   cc33cc   cc33ff
  cc6600   cc6633   cc6666   cc6699   cc66cc   cc66ff
  cc9900   cc9933   cc9966   cc9999   cc99cc   cc99ff
  cccc00   cccc33   cccc66   cccc99   cccccc   ccccff
  ccff00   ccff33   ccff66   ccff99   ccffcc   ccffff
  ff0000   ff0033   ff0066   ff0099   ff00cc   ff00ff
  ff3300   ff3333   ff3366   ff3399   ff33cc   ff33ff
  ff6600   ff6633   ff6666   ff6699   ff66cc   ff66ff
  ff9900   ff9933   ff9966   ff9999   ff99cc   ff99ff
  ffcc00   ffcc33   ffcc66   ffcc99   ffcccc   ffccff
  ffff00   ffff33   ffff66   ffff99   ffffcc   ffffff

This page is different from other web colors pages

This page is different because the colors are generated on the fly - it is not a static page. This means the browser is displaying the color it will actually display using the hex code for each color. Most other web colors examples have a large, static .gif file that contains every browser safe color in it.